Wind in my hair…

Thanks to Harish (our Advertising Manager at Vakil Housing) I finally fulfilled the desire of riding in a convertible!

The most impressive bit is that Harish, built this all on his own. He took an ‘89 model Fiat, had the roof cut-out. Added weight to the chasis, a weld here, a joint there and six months later…ta-da! :-

All Smiles!

Reminds of the opening sequence of the 70's show!

Not bad eh? And how much did it cost him…well let me put it this way, the proposed Rs. 1 Lakh Tata Car (which’s less than $2,000, supposed to be the cheapest mass-produced car in the world) would turn out more expensive. Wait-a-go-Harsih!


  1. Wow ! what an experience? Just can’t have a better dude than HARRY…… Harsih as an advertising manager in our office. It’s absolutley mind blowing’ mind blowing errrrrrr hair blowing experience.

    I am waiting for the next go Harry.

  2. you said its riding in convertible,suppose to be driving in convertible.

    just grammerticle!!

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