Arif Vakil’s MBA Course in 3 short lines

I’ve been reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad, here’s one of the several quotes that have resonated with me.

In the entrepreneur classes I teach, I constantly remind people to not focus on their product, service or widget, but to focus on developing management skills. The three most important management skills necessary to start your own business are :
1. Management of cash flow.
2. Management of people.
3. Management of personal time.

I would say, the skills to manage these three apply to anything, not just entrepreneurs. The three matter in the way you live your life as individual, or part of a family, a business, a charitable organisation.

He’s hit the nail smack on the head with that. Look around at the entrepreneurs you know. When I do, I notice that the successful ones have cracked all three of the skills listed above. And the ones who’ve not got it made yet are lacking in one or more of those skills.