ek Choti si Asha, Aman ki Asha


Times of India and Jung Group launched this beautiful campaign titled Aman ki Asha, an Indo-Pak peace project. We disapprove with a lot of that TOI reports on and that style that it reports with (read: sensationalism). An Indo-Pak Peace campaign is certainly something that we didn’t expect from TOI. The reaction has been mixed as expected, however the positive comments on facebook and twitter are encouraging enough to believe that indeed this campaign will make a difference in the hearts and minds of Indians and Pakistani’s all over the world.

Below are the various articles, TV spots that have been released for Aman ki Asha as on date.

1. Love Pakistan. The Front Page ad on Times of India that took India’s breath away. Beautiful Copy, brilliantly executed.

2. Give Tomorrow a Chance. The 1,742 word Editorial by the Chief Editor of Times of India. I love the opening line: History is what we inherit. The future is what we make of it.”

3. An Idea whose Time has come. A joint statement by the editors of the Jung Group and The Times of India.

3. Homepage. The homepage of the Aman Ki Asha Initiative

4. Big B. Amitabh Bachachan campaigns for Aman Ki Asha. “In lakeeron ko zameen hi pay rehnay do, dillon pay math utharo”.

5. Behind the scenes footage and interview of the ad with Amitabh Bachan

6. Must See TV Ad for Aman ki Asha

7. Aman Ki Asha on Pakistan Televison

8. Twitter. Follow updates on Aman Ki Asha on Twitter.

9. Facebook. Become a fan of Aman Ki Asha on Facebook.