A Math Cartoon that made my kids and Me go…Wow!

“Daddy, I’m bored!”

Ask any Parent.

Keeping children busy is difficult.

Sometimes I wish children would be okay being bored.
But that’s not the acceptable any more.

There is a constant drive to be always on.
An expectation that one has to be constantly stimulated, excited, thrilled.
Even with 5 minutes of nothing to do, it’s a crisis!  Why?  Because they’re Bored!

Sadly very often the very first thing that children (& Adults) reach for is YouTube.  (Or perhaps Rescue-me Tube)

The problem is that there is SO MUCH JUNK on Youtube.

Even for stuff that’s safe for kids to watch, the quality of cartoons, (objectively speaking of course)…is GARBAGE.   Too many cartoons have amateur art, hollow stories, insane slapstick, that it’s reeking Trash!


Therefore when I came across a cartoon,
that’s intelligent, even witty,
entertaining, without being addictive
and where a child learns unknowingly,
I couldn’t help but go…Wow!

Introducing the NumberBlocks
Snappy yet Multi-layered Storytelling,
Character design with depth,
Amazing learning
and really clever puns…the NumberBlocks have it all!

What are the NumberBlocks?

The  NumberBlocks follow the adventures of block-like cartoon characters in Number Land.

What makes this concept really unique is that each block has the number of blocks that correspond to its number and has its own separate independent character.

That is so Montessori!  I’m certain Maria Montessori would be just beaming how well her methodology has been adapted to new media.

The series starts by first introducing the Number Blocks, one at a time, but pretty soon they get into some pretty advanced concepts, such as:  Factorisation, Pattern recognition, Dimensions, Even…Bubble sort algorithm!

Salute and Respect to the creators of this amazing series!

Not surprising at all that that this has won a Bafta nomination, it has a 9.1 rating on imdb and 92% thumbs up on Google.

Do encourage your kids to watch this cartoon, in fact, watch it with them.  The Numberblocks will not let you down…You can count on them.

Start with some of my favourite episodes:

Introducing Two:

The Wrong number:
(a suspenseful whodunnit)

Peek a boo:
(a really catchy song…warning this can be stuck in your head for days)

Which one is your favourite?  Do let me know in the comments.

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