What do British Airways, Finnair and Lufthansa have in common?

They’re all courting and wooing Indians!

First it was the hostesses at British Airways Airlines who joined their hands to greet us in a namaste. The Fins took it a step further and did an entire dance in celebration of Indian Republic Day. Lastly, Luftansa joined the bandwagon, assuring us that they are “more Indian than you think”.

Gosh, not sure what to make of it. It’s flattering nonetheless. Anyway, have a look at the below promotions of the three airlines:


  1. Its amazing that they have finally realized who is paying their salaries. I have been at the wrong end at BT and Lufthansa and that’s why switched to Emirates/Singapore.

  2. Services should be personalised. The better they are perceived correctly the better they are delivered. It is not surprising to see such services with foreign airlines in respect to India. Every 6th person in the world is an INDIAN! We are easily wooed when ever we see our culture accepted or practiced by someone not an Indian and are naturally inclined towards the behavior. Lets see what others have to offer.

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