The highlight of my day.

I have been in Birmingham UK for the past few weeks. And the highlight of my day has undoubtedly been my early morning runs. The weather here has been so pleasant over the last month. It’s like God, while winking has pointed His finger at us and said, “Yo, just chill”. And that’s precisely how the glorious weather has mostly been. Dazzling Sunshine, Cool Breeze, Clear Blue Sky. It’s Jannat, I tell you.

Here are some pics from my run a couple of days ago.

What an inviting path. I couldn’t wait to run on this road and hear the leaves crunch beneath my feet.


Found this at the edge of the park that I was running in. This has been placed by Birmingham City Council for recycling of clothes


Woooow! I’m walking on Sunshine….


Double Woooow!


Shimmering Waters.


Sun, Greenery and Ducks.


Why did the Squirrel Cross the Road?
To have his photo taken ofcourse!

Enough swimming…let’s go for a walk boys.


Keep it up Moseley!



  1. Hi Arifji,
    Its a Beautiful place! difficult to say these real photos from a picture-post card. Seems so prestine and blissful; as you rightly put it, its ‘Jannat’ on earth. Many thanks for these. Blessed are those who have the opportunity to experience such wonderful place.
    Regards, HRGirish.

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