Excellent Talks I have heard – May Edition

The ipod in my car is continually dishing out some advice or the other. I am really fortunate to come across some soul-lifting, practical, enriching lectures.

Ted Talk by Rick Warren on Purpose Driven Life

This is a lovely little talk by the author of an immensely successful Spiritual Classic. He offers great pointers on determining your self-worth and how to discover your purpose in life. Nothing radically new. Yet great to hear.

Ted Talk by Martin Seligman on Positive Psychology

Another 18 minute gem. What I loved about the talk is how Martin breaks down happiness, into three different types.

1. The immediate happiness we feel on say having chocolate or having a good time with friends.

2. The Flow State of happiness that we experience when we are truly engaged in something. You know, when time stops for us. For me, that happens when I’m blogging or drawing.

3. The Meaningful happiness when we are involved with a purpose that is greater than ourselves.

Hence to live a Full, Happy and Meaningful life is to maximise the opportunities for the three circumstances to take place. Here the talk, there may be other nuggets that you can pick up.

Suze Orman at Google. How to make the most of your money

Here’s a talk by another best selling author. Although lot of the advice is very American specific, yet I walked away with principles and tips that I could implement.

Where Love is God is by Leo Tolstoy

A very touching story by the great Russian author on how a humble cobbler yearns to meet Jesus Christ. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the reading of this story online anymore. But do subscribe to the Classic Tales Podcast by B J Harrison. Ever so often I come across a story that I feel like sharing with all. But unfortunately that story is taken down before I can write about it. If you are subscribed to The Classic Tales Podcast, when I let you know of the story, you can then go back to the archives and hear it.

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