A lovely tale of Persistence and Fate

I have raved about listening to podcasts here and here already. If you have still not subscribed to the The Moth Storytelling Podcast, I yet again recommend you to do so. To quote from my previous blog post

The Moth Story Telling Podcast
Itís Rated the number 1 Podcast for several weeks on the ITunes podcast directory, every story Iíve heard till date, connected with me at some level. The podcast contain true stories of individuals, which although is completed within 15 minutes, Iíve caught myself thinking, reflecting on the stories long after itís passed through my ears. A podcast that I would heartily recommend.

Last night I heard the story “The All Star Game” by Michaela Murphy and it was a really wonderful and inspiring tale of Persistence and that everything happens for a reason.

If you subscribe to the Moth now, this particular story may or may not show up. But hear out some other tale. Who knows, that may be even better than the one I heard last night.

If you are new to subscribing to Podcasts, hereís a great YouTube Video, that explains how itís done.

Update: You can hear/download the story All Star Game from here.


  1. you’re right the podcast you mentioned isn’t there…….
    but i listened to the another one called “Steve Burns: Fameishness”….and it was awesome!!

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