Sufi Comics: How to pray to God

Sufi Comics: How to pray to God
Sufi Comics: How to pray to God

I often find it difficult to concentrate during prayers. The mind wanders about from one thought to another, and then I complain “why doesn’t God answer my prayers?”. Perhaps the problem is not with God not answering, but the way I’m asking.

During prayer, instead thinking that God is somewhere high up in the sky, we should pray by whispering softly to Him knowing that He is very close to us and loves to hear our Prayers.

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Sufi Comics: How to pray to God



  1. Thanks a lot. Straight to the point and amusing, the typical Sufi wit. One should remember the last tip, always: Ya Batin!


    May Allah keep us on the right path, and accept our fasting and prayers.
    We wish the best blessings of Ramadan to all. May Allah accept our worship and may He help us rejuvenate our faith. May He help us share the joy of this month with all our family, friends and neighbors.
    Jazakkallahu khairan
    Mohamed Ali jinnah

  3. This is a great variation on the story in which the teacher helsp the student experience God by dunkin his head in the river and holding it down. Your *40 Sufi Comics* book is great !

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