Review: CheckIt Diagnostics

What is CheckIt Diagnostics?
CheckIt Diagnostics is a software for Windows XP and above, designed to fully test your computer’s components. This includes stress tests that can reveal hidden problems.

CheckIt Diagnostics Screenshot
CheckIt Diagnostics Screenshot

What Tests does it cover?

CheckIt Diagnostics covers a large range of Tests.  There are too many to detail here, but here’s an overview of what it does check:

* System (Softwares, Processors, Memories, Ports, PCI Devices)

* Storage (Disc Drives & Optical Drives)

* Communications & Network (Network Adapters, Internet Access & Modems)

* Attached Devices (Devices such as Printers)

* Audio / Visual (Graphic Adapters, Desktop Graphics & Audio Input, Output & Playback)

Who should use it?

CheckIt is useful in the following situations:

* When you’ve bought a new computer and would want a comprehensive checkup of the Hardware and Software systems.

* When you suspect something is wrong with your computer, and would want to know what exactly is causing the problem.

* Want to save costs in getting a Technician to find out where the problem is in your computer.

Note that CheckIt is a Diagnostics tool.  It will help you find out where the problem is, but not fix the problem.

CheckIt has been developed by SmithMicro Software and can be bought from their Online Store.


  1. That is why we should get Macs! ;-) hehe I finally got my first Mac ever and, alhamdulillah, I’m so happy with it so far.

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