Sufi Comics: How far is Heaven?

Sufi Comics How far is Heaven?
Sufi Comics How far is Heaven?

The word Nafs cannot easily be translated to English. Depending on the context it can mean different. This Wikipedia article explains further about “Nafs”

Other than the obvious meaning this anecdote has, there is a more subtle meaning that heaven can also be experienced in this world, here & now.

If the experience of heaven is defined as the state of highest pleasure. Once we are able to overcome our individual Ego(s), and remove the veil between us and God, we will begin to experience the Oneness with God. There is nothing more pleasurable than this state. The description of heaven is pale in comparison to this.

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Sufi Comics How far is Heaven?



  1. dear Ali uncle,

    I enjoyed this comic like i have enjoyed the others.


  2. Really good one Ali bhai…
    (bhai not uncle)
    I hope now you are feeling better

  3. Thank you for these wonderful comics! They’re truly inspirational. It’d be very helpful if you could also provide a reference to the sayings that you use so that we can look back at them more often. I’m particularly curious about this saying of Imam Ali (as) – is it in Nahjul Balagha?

  4. Thanks for the feedback. I agree it’ll be good to have the reference to these anecdotes. It’s been there at the back of my mind.

    This particular one was told to me by a friend. I’ve not seen it in Nahjul Balagah.

  5. Mashallah your work is greattt! Really loving it! :D
    Keep posting brothers :)

    I posted one on my blog and linked you! Hope you don’t mind..
    We really need this effort form our brothers and sisters!

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