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A friend had asked me to email him some tips on Hajj for a presentation that he was preparing for Hajis-to-be. Thought I’d reproduce the email here as it may be beneficial to some.

The first, last and most important tip is: Make the Most of the trip! Hajj is truly once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s the really blessed and the fortunate who get to go more than once. For the most, people visit just once. Hence ensure that you get the maximum experience that you can. So that means:

Prior to Hajj– Make sure you do maximum preparation as possible. Read up on as many Ahkams as you can so that you konw that your niyyat is done right at the different stages of Hajj– There’s an excellent Hajj book on the spiritual aspects of Hajj (I think it’s by Ali Shariati) read that to understand why we do, what we do? Why is the Kaba Square? Why do we do tawaf of the Kaba? This and the spiritual aspects of other Ahkams are mentioned as well– REad the IMam Jafer As Sadiq and Shibli Hadith

During Hajj:– It’s not just enough to do the Ahkam. You have to feel and experience it. Just being in Makkah/Madinah is a spiritual experience in itself. But go the extra mile and build an extra frame of mind, and ponder where have you come? Whose home is it? Whose city is it? Prophet walked these streets. The wind here brushed his face.

– Try to meet as many Muslims as possible. The diversity of nationalities, cultures that one experiences is mind-blowing. Make sure you meet as many nationalities as possible. Meet the Turks, the Malaysians, the Russians, the Europeans, the Africans…meet everybody. Feel the common bond that exists within us all and that pulls us to this wonderful piece of Heaven on Earth.   Find out where the other Kafila’s are residing and try and join them for their Majlis and other sessions. Join the Pakistani Kafila, join the Lebanese Kafila, Join the Kuwaiti Kafila. Understand what problems they’re facing in their countries. Get first hand information of their troubles. Even if there is nothing that we can do to help, sympathise with them as that too is charity.

– For those who are young and strong. Use this invaluable opportunity to earn as much sawaab as possible, by helping those who need help.

– Try and participate in the Qurbani. Feel that you are slaughtering your animal desires as you are running the knife across the Goat’s throat.

After Hajj: Do dua for all. I heard somewhere that a Haji’s dua is kabool for 40 days after Hajj. Do dua that may you get the chance to say Labayk once again and may we join you when that happens. Ameen.

Salaams and duas,

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  1. Salaams,

    Do you still have pics of 2006/07 haj? If so can you email me.


    Riffat Dawoodally

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