Sufi Comics: I am the Creator

Sufi Comics - I am the Creator
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This is a discussion a person had with Imam Jafar As Sadiq. He was a polymath: an astronomer, alchemist, Imam, Islamic scholar, Islamic theologian, writer, philosopher, physician, physicist and scientist. He was also the teacher of the father of Chemistry, Jabir ibn Hayyan (Geber). Several such discussions with Imam Jafar, on the evidence for the existence of God have been recorded more notably Hadith Mufaddal and Hadith Halila.

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Sufi Comics - I am the Creator



  1. Am following ur blog 4 quite sometime..and am a fan these sufi comics…these are simple and very nice….bt the above one seems a bit illogical (atleast to my knowledge)…it makes us think that if u have no control about the things u created, then we are not the creators… bt the question is, if GOD has created us, does he have any control on wat we think/do??

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