Shame…shame…puppy shame.


I don’t know about you, but I really feel I need to go around life with blinders on. Even if there was something worthwhile to watch on TV, I never know when a shameful scene would be pulverised into your face, leaving an concrete imprint in my mind haunting me forever. If it’s not the TV program that’s embarrassing enough the TV spots would shamelessly make up for it. Some of the billboards out there make me shudder. Even a nice clean sport like Cricket isn’t complete without semi-clad cheerleaders romping all over the screen. Bangalore Times seem to be in almost in competition with Playboy. 40 feet hoardings of models wearing just a bikini are already out there in the streets. What next? Nude beaches? Legalised Sex Clubs? Why ever not?

What’s happening to India? Why have we become so highly insensitive when it comes to showing of skin. Why doesn’t it bother us any more? Hardly a generation ago anything like that would make anyone’s skin crawl. Shame, modesty, shyness aren’t these moral values anymore? Instead today basfhulness and modesty are more of a shortcoming to one’s personality. “Oh, he’s conservative, old fashioned, he’s frightened of change, frightened of what’s new.”   Frightened I am. I shiver of the type of world, the moral India, my daughter will grow in.

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  1. Even today I had to keep averting my gaze from one side of the road to another. I swear there should be a law on how much skin can be shown in Public media.

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