The Pain of Discipline or the Pain of Regret.


We all must suffer from one of two pains: The pain of Discipline or the pain of Regret. The difference is Discipline weighs Ounces while Regret weights Tonnes. – Jim Rohn

What brilliant insight. Isn’t it so true? That you can’t escape pain. By avoiding to exercise now, or refusing to quit smoking now, realise that the pain that you are trying to avoid is going to come back. And when it does it’s going to be Agonising and Torturous. The pain of going through a by-pass surgery or the dread of hearing that you’ve got lung cancer is severe indeed. Not only will you feel the pain then, but your loved ones around you will have to suffer through it too. The Pain of Regret really does weigh in tonnes. We are too fragile to bear it. Once you begin to see that, it becomes so much easier to bear the pain of exercising or the withdrawals symptoms of not smoking. Infact, it doesn’t remain as pain anymore but the process of exercising, quitting smoking, begins to actually feel pleasurable.

I Love this quote.   I have it part of my Daily Affirmations that I read it to myself every morning after prayers. I often find myself repeating this statement in moments of weaknesses when I have to choose between doing the difficult right thing and the easy, convenient, wrong thing. And then boldly make the right choice. Alhumdulillah.

I’ve picked up a couple of pointers from Brian Tracy’s 71 minute lecture titled The Miracle of Self Discipline.

However, the best material out there when it comes to Self Discipline is the Audio version of the Book, The War of Art. It’s nothing less than getting a kick in your pants. This is one of the few Audio Books out there that is better than the printed book itself, which is also an inspiring read if you prefer it that way, available here.

You may read my detailed review on the War of Art here.

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