25 of the infinite number of things that I am Grateful for. Thank you God, O Thank you!

giving thanks
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O God, as the great grandson of the Prophet (SAW) Imam Zainul Abideen says in his prayer of Thankfulness,

“The most thankful of Thy servants
has not the capacity to thank Thee,
and the most worshipful of them
falls short of obeying Thee…”

but still we try O Lord.

1. I知 so utterly grateful for having received the parents and grandparents that I received.
2. I’m so grateful for the brother that I have. He痴 my confidant, my business partner and my coffee-buddy. (I知 also grateful that recently he痴 been taking more interest in the blog :-p)
3. I知 grateful for my wonderful extended family, my uncles, aunts, brothers and cousins. Even though we are so far apart, when we meet it痴 amazing, it痴 as if we were never away at all.
4. I知 so grateful for my pious and loving wife and my beautiful little princess that God gifted me through her.
5. I知 grateful that My car starts every morning.

6. I知 grateful that myself, family members and all friends around me are in the best possible health that they can be.
7. I知 grateful for the warm cup of coffee that I receive every morning.
8. I知 utterly grateful fo the the wonderful teachers that I have received in my life. They are the giants on whose shoulders I am standing.
9. I知 grateful for the love of reading and writing. I am grateful for having an inquisitive mind which is propelling me to search for the Ultimate Truth.
10. I’m grateful for the friends in my life, those who I grew up with in Dubai and friends that I知 still growing with here in Bangalore. God bless you all!

11. I知 grateful for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful company called Vakil Housing. We work with fantastic people, both within the organisation as well as beyond it (ie our Vendors, Contractors and of course our Customers).
12. I知 grateful for this blog and it痴 readers. Me and Ali blog because simply because we like to, and the compliments we receive make it more than worthwhile.
13. I知 grateful for the fact that we can afford the things that I can and still have money left over to give away.
14. Oh, I知 so grateful for my health. (Over the last week I have come across people who have suffered from cleft lip, paralysis, polio and cancer). Every breath is such an invaluable gift, cherish it and make the most of it.
15. I知 grateful for having that opportunity and ability to maintain my health too.

16. I知 grateful for the religion that I received and the religious education which I am still receiving.
17. I知 grateful for the insight that this world is so temporary. Our stint in this world is that of the traveller who is taking shade under a tree only to resume his journey.
18. I知 grateful for the problems and the challenging situations that I知 presented with, which make me stronger at every passing moment.
19. I知 grateful for the Golden Era of Information that we live in. So many problems are just a Google search away. Thanks to which one can overindulge in so many forms of knowledge. One can get the best of the best of books, lectures and DVD痴. I知 so grateful that my learning doesn稚 need to stop.
20. I知 grateful for having learnt GTD. It has truly accelarated my learning, helped me clarified my vision in life and provided me with lazer sharp focus.

21. I知 grateful for the conviction that there is indeed a Creator to the universe and for the certainty that it痴 a trial that we are under.
22. I知 grateful for the realisation that whatever you do is completely useless, unless God Almighty is pleased with it. On the flip side it d
23. I知 grateful for learning that success does not mean a faster car, a bigger home or more money. But these are just means to true success which is spiritual purification, (ie getting closer to God by knowing who you really are).
24. I知 grateful for exposed to the wonderful authors that I have been exposed to (Sheikh Fadhlallah Haeri, Eckhart Tolle, Arundathi Roy are a few names that come to mind now).
25. I知 grateful for exposed to the wonderful lectures by the enlightened Zakirs in my life which have transformed and upgraded my thinking in ways I think nobody could have (Malim Hassanain Rajabali, Malim Khalil Jaffer, Sheikh Arif Abdul Hussain, Dr. Murtaza Alidina)

O Allah SWT, please guide us on to the straight path. The path where we utilise all these gifts and more the way You have intended us to. To get closer to You. Not in the way that we go astray from You, neither in the way that we attract Your wrath.

Any of the above resonated with you? So, what are you grateful for? Do the math people,count your blessings. ?


  1. Really enjoyed the 25 of the infinite number of things we are grateful for. I am sure the number of things is infinite.

  2. Ah, another post straight after my heart. I try and count my blessings every night before I go to sleep and am so grateful to Allah for the many blessing He has showered upon us. Thanks for the lovely reminder Arif.

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