Sufi Comics: A Prayer taught by Imam Ali

Sufi Comics: Imam Ali's Prayer
Sufi Comics: Imam Ali's Prayer

This prayer summarizes  in essense the intention of a Sufi’s approach to supplication.   It’s a higher state one strives to acheive where one yearns for God not for any ulterior motive, but because God is worthy of being yearned & worshipped.

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Sufi Comics: Imam Ali's Prayer


  1. Salams Arif and Ali,

    Ma sha Allah! A great cartoon, conveying a noble and essential truth. May Allah bless you endeavours. It would also be good if you follow this cartoon with the saying in which Imam Ali (may God ennoble his countenance) makes these statements.

    Your brother in Islam

    Abdur Rahman

  2. Masha Allah
    I wish i could achieve that state. Today i belong to the first two category for want of heaven and feer of hell.

    Gazanfer Ali

  3. Masha Allah! U brothers are using ur art in a right Way, I am also from art field, i.e, 3d Animation. May Allah bless u for ur good deeds.

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