Swirl in Ecstasy, by listening to the captivating Sufic Stories & Poetry Of Kahlil Gibran.

I was returning from my weekly site visits from our projects. I had a long hot day and on my return I was in the mood to listen to something light and relaxing. I had earlier downloaded “The Madman. His Fables and Poems” by Kahlil Gibran from Learn Out Loud. It sounded more heavy than relaxing, but I gave it a try. Wow! If you have even a little background of Sufic literature you’ll greatly enjoy listening to The Madman. The production quality is excellent and the narration by Anotina Bath is highly captivating. Just as probably Kahlil would have preferred it.

Best part is that this download of Kahlil Gibran is free once you register (again for free) with Learn Out Loud. Though I think that this is only valid till end July. (Later edit: Oops, it seems that it’s no longer free on Learn Out Loud, but I found it still available for free on Itunes here). If you prefer reading the text, the entire script of The Madman is available here as part of the Gutenberg project. But I wouldn’t recommend reading it. It’ll severely spoil the effect of listening to the audio. Rather register yourself at Learn Out Loud, download it here (it’s free in iTunes here. You’ll need itunes installed in your computer for this link to work.)and then drop in a comment below and let me know how you found it to be.

Keep smiling :-)


  1. Hi Arif/Ali,

    Am sure you must have read “The Prophet” by Khalil Gibran. Fascinating stuff. Somehow, I prefer to read. Audio Books somehow don’t appeal. Anyways, let me give it a try. If it impressed you so much, it must be really, really, good!

    Keep blogging!


  2. didn’t work for me, would have loved to hear it

    and even after signing up, there is no way to download anything more than a sample for free

    how did you do it?

  3. Hello a2v !

    Thanks for keeping me blogged, not a great blogger, but Gibran had me stand up and now I would like to listen, just tell me how. I haev been a fan

  4. Nahida; Guess what, that’s precisely what I’m listening to now! :-) Yes, the Prophet is indeed something too. I know what you mean when you say you prefer reading to listening. Turning a page, while cozy in a sofa with a soft light behind you, is a highly cherishable Sunday Treat. But if the narration is just right, Listening to a short Audio Book over a long drive can be a very memorable experience too.

    Gregory: so sorry it does seem that it’s no longer free. Apparently they didn’t have a membership scheme some time back. The audios were available just for purchase. So as long as you were registered, you got the audio files that were labelled free. Now you’ve got to be a member to access these.
    I don’t know I was lucky then. I’ll tell you what Greg, next time I catch something of this sort free, I’ll email you right away, rather than blogging about it.
    Meanwhile, Learn Out Loud does has some terrific material. I buy stuff from there occasionally. You could consider either membership or purchasing if something catches your fancy.

  5. Zaki bhai,

    Thanks for your comment. Always a pleasure to meet a fello Kahlil-Fan. Really Sorry but the audio is apparently no longer free. However you can still read the text here

    Take care. Salaams and duas,

  6. Hi Gregory, Nahida and Khalil Bhai.

    It seems that the same recording is available in Itunes. Grab it while it’s still available, by clicking here . You’ll need Itunes installed for the link to work.


  7. oh, how i have resisted i-tunes, you have no idea .. but, ok, for this, i will humble myself and join the masses

  8. and, who helped you set up your wordpress blog, i want to make a couple of them take off

  9. ok, did the itune thing, my god, it wants to take over my computer, my life, and my first born son … i clicked “get episode” heard a bit, going to bed, have no idea if it is on my machine or in the itune cloud, which, i have to say, seems like a cloud of pollution that rains money only on apple … yikes… i am listening to this only, then uninstalling itune asap

    enjoy, thanks for the fun, gregory

  10. Masroor bhai,

    Gee, thanks so very much yar. We blog because we love to, but comments like these motivate us to continue even when we’re not in the best of blogging-moods. Thanks again! :-)

    Arif & Ali

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