Four blogs that I really enjoy reading.

Out of the 154 or so blogs that I’ve subscribed to in my NetVibes page, there are four that are distinct Star Bloggers in my books. What makes them more exclusive than others is that, these bloggers write for the passion of writing. They don’t care about comments, or even if someone’s reading their posts or not. And probably that’s the reason why almost each of their posts are a refereshing treat.

Arsalan Zaidi’s Blog Posts
Arsalan’s posts have been on management, software projects he’s worked upon & even on Steve Irwin. Each of them are written with such depth and wit (a highly winning combo) that even if it’s on something that I have no idea about, I’m compelled to finish reading it. His posts have this aura of spontaneity yet they’re so intense that Ali has wondered, that does Arsalan just hash out his article and hits publish as soon as he finishes his first draft, or does he spend painful time, ensuring his metaphors sound just right and his adjectives fit perfectly. As soon as either of us spot a new post by Arsalan, me and Ali shoot of a mail to each other that his latest post is also a must-read.

From Where I Sit
Being an ardent GTD implementer that too using a Blackberry & a Mac, it didn’t take me long to stumble upon Michael’s blog on Working Smart. Here he lists his tips and tricks on getting through a typical work day. It’s only when Michael did his last post on Working Smart that I discovered From Where I Sit, his other regular blog.

The more of I read his writings, the more similarities I see in our ways of thinking. Out of curiosity I had to ask if he was a Libran too. Still waiting for a reply. But then that’s just me.

Interim Thoughts
Neelakantan & Ramesh are the contributors behind Interim Thoughts. I tried to do a bit of Googling but failed to find much about this duo. Their views on recent events in the country (specifically around Bangalore and Mumbai) have a point-of-view that I often fail to see the first time. Very often Interim Thoughts offer a more handy and more concise picture than the editorials in our local dailies. Few of my favourite posts have been:
How to write about Indian IT
Foreign Visitor in India
I, Salaried Class

Nishma & Curry
I looked high, I looked low, yet I failed to find a funnier blogger than the great Melvin Durai. Sometimes he completely cracks me up but most of the time his writing gets me into this addictive chuckling fit, that leaves me eager to read more. Born in India, having lived in Zambia and now in US, his diverse background never leaves Melvin short of good material which is consistently delivered with a unique universal appeal. Nishma and Curry is a great place to go to relax after a stressful morning. Click here to see all his posts on India & Indians and click here to read the best of Melvin Durai (,as per Melvin Durai).

Well There you have it folks. Four great blogs for your reading pleasuare, other than the Arif & Ali blog ofcourse :-)

Keep smiling :-)


  1. Hi Arif,

    Cool blogs you have now.

    Keep it going.

    How are things?

    We had a Dubai Toastmasters meeting this(last)evening.

    Keep fit.
    Keep blogging

    Warm regards,


  2. Arshad bhai!

    So good to hear from you yar. Thanks so much. You too buddy, keep fit and keep blogging. Really wise words :-)


  3. And there is one blog that I enjoyed reading and shall continue to read… And thats the Arif and Vakil Brothers Blog. I received an email about your blog by the virtue of my company investing in a villa in Vakil Hosur Hills. And Today I invested almost 2 hours in investing in myself by reading and gaining from your Blog!! I went through quite of a lot of your Old Blog Posts some as old as 2006, and I must saying read every bit was worth it. I especially loved some of the blog posts like Six Wonderful Skills you learnt, Funny One Liners, Blackberry and Tech Tips and Above all the Thoughts on Spirituality and Islam which As you rightly pointed out in one of the Blogs are a Must Inspiration for anyone whether you are Muslim or Not. Your Book Reviews were interesting too and made me make list of Books that I need to grab my hand on. All your Blog Posts are something I could relate too and enjoy. And yeah…I will be here more often now that I have subscribed to your RSS Feed and looking forward to investing more in myself by reading your Blogs.

    One more thing. I am an Ex Member of Bangalore Toastmasters Club (I was a member from 1998 to 2007). During my early days in the Club, I remember a Gentleman named Mr.Vakil who was a wonderful speaker and I remember the way he began his speeches by saying “How are you all feeling today” and all members used to reply “Terrificcccc!!” Was just wondering , do you share any Connection with that Terriffic Mr.Vakil !!!

  4. Dear Gauresh,

    Wow! You had us floored, with your your very-generous comment. We are so glad that you’re getting so much value from our blog. We blog because we simply love to. Comments like yours shall definitely spur us to dig down even further and provide even more benefit-packed content.

    And yes, it actually was one of us who gave the TERRRRIFIC speech in Bangalore Toastmasters years ago. You remembered! Actually we both gave a version of that speech at different occasions, not sure whose you heard.

    Take care Gauresh. Inshallah we hope we get to meet soon.

    Warm wishes,
    Arif and Ali

    Ps. Gauresh, you too could consider starting a blog you know. It’s really good fun and you get to make so many TERRIFIC friends in the process. :-)

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