Two Resources for Beginners on the path to Enlightenment.

We’ve (me and Ali) recently been hearing the podcasts of Oprah and Eckhart’s webcast discussion of “A New Earth”. These webcasts are a chapter by chapter discussion of Eckhart’s latest book A New Earth. I must say that I finding it fascinating. I’m currently in the middle of Chapter 2 of the podcast series. Eckhart is always a pleasure to listen to and Oprah…well she provides good comic-relief now and then. I do hope to join the webcast in one of the forthcoming sessions. Meanwhile, pickup the book or do hear these podcasts, when you get the chance.

Where we first got to know this stuff
We were introduced to the subject by Kahlil Jaffer’s series of lectures entitled “End of Negative Suffering”. What he basically says in the series of lectures is that yes that we are human and having this material form we are bound to go through hunger, sickness ie physical suffering. But we need not endure anger, jealousy, resentment, depression ie emotional/negative suffering. Infact we are not designed to do so.

Who is Spiritually Enlightened?
Spiritually enlightened is he, who realises his true self and in doing so dissolves “the story of I” (aka the Ego) playing in his head, which is where all negative sufferings take birth. And then you just smile along with life, not confusing your true self, with the objects in your life (my car, my home) or with the roles you play (that of being a father, an employee, an Indian). And once that happens you can’t help it but a smile bursts forth on your face. You realise who you are not. Thereby waking up to who you are. Your really true self. The pure consciousness.

Was that a little heavy? Listen to the lectures by Khalil Jaffer (scroll half way down the page after clicking this link) or the podcasts by Oprah & Eckhart. They’re not that deep. Be patient give it a complete hearing before making judgments. And may you awaken to a whole new world.

Keep smiling :-)


  1. had breakfast at koshy’s this morning, now am sitting in java city on lavelle road, surfing, and somehow find your name on a blog, click, and here i am…

    the oprah, eckhardt tolle thing seems important in the spiritualizing of the world that is going on..

    now i will check out kahlil jaffer

  2. Hi Gregory,

    Thanks so much for your comment, was meaning to write back the day you posted your comment, unfortunately had been away from my computer since then. Quite a coincidence that you being in Bangalore and bumping into our blog. A case of Synchrodestiny maybe? :-)

    But while you’re down here, it would be wonderful to meet up for a cup of coffee. Inshallah will write to you separately on that.

    In these lectures, Khalil bhai reintroduces the same concepts mentioned by Tolle in Power of Now & New Earth, however in more simplified manner. Great for beginners on the subject. He also supplements his talks with references from Quran and Ahadith therefore those with an Islamic background can relate to it well.

    We are really grateful to Khalil bhai, for introducing this topic to us and opening our hearts to a deeper more meaningful world.

  3. Thanks for your kind email. We are two brothers, both who are Accountants by Qualification, have a love for technology & spirituality and are busy helping our father at a Property Development Company. We have spent most our lives growing up in Dubai but have settled in Bangalore, India for the last five years or so. What about you Harun bhai, where are you from and how did you come across our blog?

  4. Hi Arif/ Ali

    You have got one more loyal reader. Whle on that can you send a test mail to my id. I have an interesting branding proposal for Vakil, which you might find useful.

  5. Hello Gurudev,

    Thank so much for your kind comments on our Blog. When it comes to blogging I’m sure you’ll agree that one can never receive enough compliments :-)

    Ps. Have just sent you a mail too.

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