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Regular readers of our blog may have noticed that we’re quite fond of the lectures delivered by Sheikh Arif Abdulhussain. Me and Ali both would highly recommend hearing these lectures. Most of them are delivered in English and deals with topics that would be interest to anyone who’s even slightly religiously inclined, Muslim or not. Sheikh Arif doesn’t have too many of his lectures available online, below is the complete resource of lectures that I’m aware of that’s currently up for grabs:

1. Lecture delivered at Satwa Imambargha, Dubai, UAE

Link details: Once you click on the above link you’ll have to scroll half-way down the page to find this lecture.

If it’s just one lecture that you hear from this page. Let this be the one. It quite well summarises most of the topics that Sheikh Arif is fond of reciting. His main theme is an attempt to answer, “Why are we here? What’s the purpose of our existence?”

A moving quote from this majlis “I’m confined in this mass of a body today, which gives me the ability to say, “I am.”. But what are you, O man? Have you looked at yourself from the top of a lofty mountain and seen how insignficant you are?”

2. Lectures delivered at Masumeen Islamic Centre, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, Link details: The Multimedia library of Masumeen Centre seems currently down. I’m sure they’ll have it back up soon.

Update: The Masumeen lectures have now been uploaded to the IslamiCentre website.

These are the first set of lectures of Sheikh Arif that I had heard and since then I began to see the world with different eyes altogether. Now, this may not have the same effect to all who hear this, but I’ve seen it happen to many. There are various themes takes up in this series:
– Our concept of God is limited by just that, our concept. Afterall, is there anything other than God? When looking at the Ocean, We see only the waves, but is there anything other than the Ocean.
– Why should God stop the Tsunami, when we are God’s hand in doing so.
– The mind-boggling proximity that God has with us, (that He’s even closer to us than our own souls).
– Miracles, what was their purpose anyway.
– And best of all is the little Urdu portion that Sheikh Arif recites at the end of each of these series on the topic, “Akhir Allah, kya Chahta hai?” (Afterall what does God Want?)

3. Lecture on Imam Ali’s letter to Malik-e-Ashtar
Link details: The audio/video library of Masumeen Centre is down, inshallah should be up soon.

Also available at the library of Masumeen Centre is a 6 part series of lectures by Sheikh Arif on the letter which Imam Ali (AS) wrote to the then Governer of Egypt. A series of lectures where I have picked up invaluable Leadership and Management advice.
To those interested the letter is available here.

4. Lectures delivered at Haideri Centre, London, UK,

The lectures here are a continuation of the topics that began in the lectures that were delivered in Masumeen Centre, Brampton, Canada.

5. Majlises listed on website
In this series Sheikh Arif takes on again many different topics, a key topic is centred around the theme of Life after death, Heaven & Hell. As mentioned earlier, even if you are not Muslim but do believe in the after-life you’ll have a lot to take back from this series. Few memorable bits from this series:
– Sure Allah Swt can put us all into heaven, even his most despicable slave, but then what would the degree mean to a child who’s not been through the rigor of college education. It would just be a piece of paper, it would mean nothing.
– Our sense perception is highly limited by our material body. What we see is limited by the strength of our eyes, we hear only what our ears allow us to, we taste only what our taste-buds on our tongues can taste. Once you remove these material limitations, the sense perceptions would be at a different level altogether.

Below are the lectures that I’ve not yet heard in depth and am really looking forward to:
6. Dar al Tabligh Centre
Dar-es-Salaam, East Africa

7. Al Muntazar Audio Library
Link details: under reciters, select Shekih Arif

8. Islamic Unit Society
Link details: one lecture here.

These lectures were delivered in 2001 on proving the existence of God.


  1. i am going to listen to these lectures when i get a faster connection (reliance usb modem is about 5kbps)

    but i despise true-believer-ism, politically-correct-ism, in ALL religions.

    i am hoping he is a sufi

  2. Do hear Sheikh Arif’s lectures when you get the chance Gregory. Technically speaking he may not be a sufi, but he’s certainly a mystic in my books.

    If you’re interested in Sufi literature, I highly recommend the books & writings of Sheikh Fadlullah Haeri. They’re a bit difficult to get, but are still available. Perhaps a little Googling will get you to some of his material online.

    Also you could give these lectures of Khalil Jaffer a hear. They’re titled “The Art of Yearning for Allah (SWT)”. Again a great resource for beginners on the subject. The video of some of these lectures are available here.

  3. Hey Arif,
    A bit late,I know, in responding to this topic. Actually its not even exactly related to the topic above.
    I just wanted to perhaps, introduce you to Sheikh Anwar Al Awlaki.
    He is a Sheikh from Yemen. He is from the same group as Dr. Zakir Nair, Dr. Bilal philips, Sheikh Yousuf Estes and other renowed scholars.
    His lectures have had a profound effect on me and my family.
    He has a complete detailed Seera plus other various topic such as the Hereafter.
    There is also a Cd on our prophets aswell.HE has preety good information on most topics.
    I strongly urge people to atleast give him a chance once based on any topic they want and whatever they find in his collection.
    Lemme know what you think about him after you have heard any of his lectures.

  4. which reminds me, are you guys in bangalore at the moment? i am living in bensontown now

  5. Nadia – Salaam Nadia thanks for the reference, Inshallah will try and hear Sheikh Anwar’s lectures soon.

    Gregory- Hello Gregory. Glad to hear you’re back. Yes we’re very much in town too. Do give us a shout anytime you’re near Koramangala. Let’s try and meet soon rather than later.

    Keep smiling.

  6. Thank you for compiling this resource. Sheikh Arif is truly a beacon of light in this world of lost souls.

  7. Oh you’re very welcome Sister. Actually, I’m sure there probably have been more lectures since I have posted this blog post. Would be glad if other listeners/fans of Sheikh Arif could add those links to the comments to make this really a complete resource of his lectures. Jazakallah.

  8. Salaam alai kum. Do you know where one can find Sh. Arif Abdulhussain’s Moharram 2010 lectures? Thank you.

  9. Salaam. Would you guys be able to update this blog to include ALL his lectures, including the ones from Muharram and Safar 1432 AH? Thanks!!!

  10. Salaam
    mashAllah its such an informative work
    keep this good work
    and looking forward to read more

  11. Salamun Alaykum,
    Can someone send me a link to Br. Arif’s Muharram 2009 lectures in audio format.(Topic : Human Islam). I know they are available on youtube in video format but u know d/load takes quit a bit of time.

  12. Asak,can u pls guide me as to whr i can find complete set of lectures of The Quran in english by br.shk arif..thk you so much fr yr efforts n,ilt dua

  13. Asak,is it possible to disclose shaikh arif abdul hussain’s email address.hv a few questions to ask him..wud appreciate yr help..
    Kh,ilt dua,almas

  14. Thanks for this resource. Do you have any idea where I can find the last two/three lectures of Sheikh Aarifs “existance and nature of God” series that are on the site?
    Many thanks.

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