How to remove the “Aaaargh!” when it comes to packing of bags during Travel.

Earlier this is what I would go through:
1. Before Packing: Pretty much the whole day I would be thinking: ďOh my God, Iíve still got so much packing to do. When will I do it? Iím still at work. I better leave soon, but thereís still so much to do.Ē

2. And while Iím packing: ďIíve got to pack clothes and then thereís my toothbrush, and oh-my-God I cannot forget my mobile chargerÖaargh!Ē

3. But worst of all after Iím all packed: ďhmm Iím know Iím forgetting something, but donít know what that is.Ē

These days, packing is so easy when Iíve got to travel. (Ofcourse thatís mostly got to with the fact that Iíve got my sweet wife to help me out). But even then, every time I start packing, all I need to do is pick up my Travel Checklist and then blindly, without a shadow of a thought just start piling stuff into my laptop bag or suitcase as it maybe. Gosh, do you know how relieving that is. Ah, if you could just taste the sweetness of being in the state of no-thought, the mind-like-water. (Thank you David Allen, may the Lord bless your kind soul).

Have a Travel Checklist:
Even if you travel as less as once a year, I highly recommend making a Travel Checklist the very next time you start packing. Itís been an amazingly time-saving & stress-saving tool for me. The trick is to have it complete. If itís not compete, then itís only half-a travel checklist, and the other half is in your head & itís giving you lots of stress.

I started mine using David Allenís Travel Checklist as the initial draft and then customised it for my needs. Iíve saved it as a note in my Outlook Notes folder, which then automatically syncs to my Blackberry. Youíll find my entire Checklist below.

Feel free to use it, copy it and share it. Iím sure youíll find quite a few things below that will make you go ďAha!Ē and want you to add it to your checklist. If so, or if youíve found anything useful, do mention that in the comments below. Also if youíve got any other Travel-tip would love to hear it.

Keep smiling ?

Ps. Iím currently typing this being a royal house-guest of my wonderful in-laws at Mahuva in Gujrat. Thanks to my Travel Checklist, I had everything in place (laptop, charger, mouse, Reliance USB NetConnect) to make this blog post.

Arif Vakil Travel Checklist

To Carry in my Pocket:
Blackberry and Bluetooth
ipod with headphones
wallet (with enough money)
business card holder
pocket notepad
Pilot red & black pens
Sharbo pen/pencil in one

Laptop bag:
power cord
Mouse and mouse-pad
Reliance usb connect
All gtd folders: (blue Ins, read/review etc)
2 books for reading
Dua book
Namaaz Compass
Prayer Mat
Crocin red & blue
Red bull
Regular Bilt notebook to take notes
Business Cards
small yellow post-it
Empty cd
Cd writing pen.
Home keys in laptop bag keychain
Multi-plug converter (esp International travel)
Cable case only if feel necessary (ipod cable, camera cable, bberry cable)
Headphones splitter

Running shirt
Running short
Running shoes
Climbing shoes (if going to Mumbai)

Laptop sleeve
Totebag / travel bag


If journey crosses Thu/fri: a Nail cutter.

Lens kit
Extra pair of lenses
Lens cleansing solution

Hair comb

Dress Shirts
Night Clothes (T shirt + pajamas)
Dress Shoes
A Bag to Carry Clothes that I have worn and now for Laundry.


Neck Support (for long journeys)

Phone Charger
Ipod charger (if travelling for 3 days or more)
Bluetooth charger (if necessary)


Camera Charger
Video Camera if travelling with family or to meet family.

Car-tuner (esp if travelling with family)

Go through conference checklist if going to conference.

Handled (stuff to do):
Put forward tickler file.
Take support papers (credit card copy) from travel folder and put in Action support.
Browse through article/blogposts folder for read/review material to carry.
Collect laptop sleeve bag/tote travel bag from Ramesh
Ask Ramesh to get talking yellow pages tel number for city visiting and put in Addressbook
Hotel booked
Car P/U Arranged or taking airport taxi, decide (Ensure driver speaks hindi/english)
Mac Backed Up
Taken cash from accounts/atm

Print Off The Web:
Subway restaraunts in the area
Closest mosque
Weather checked


Foreign currency (eg Dirhams when Dubai)

If Traveling With Family:
Markers (for writing on cartons)


  1. Dear Sir,

    The most inspiring blog I ‘ve ever come across :-) Y don’t u name it as VYT – (Vakil Yatra Tips), since these days I am traveling the most and wht n blog, I really get restless when bag pack comes in action, but hopefuly may be now onwards I will be more cool :-) thanks for sharing all these.

    With Lot’s of Luv
    Suvo :-)

  2. Hi Suvo-buddy!

    Thanks for the comment. Man, if you travel often you MUST make a travel list. Make it tonight itself. If you were still at Vakil Housing, I would make you sit in front of me and make you write the list :-p.

    But seriously, do try it out and see how much more relaxed you feel.

    Thanks once again for the comment.

    Keep smiling :-)

  3. I really dont understand why boys are so forgetful for staters!!!totally baffles me to c that u have a LIST TO TRAVEL!!!Alhamdulliah a mental check list is good enough for me. But then thats ME, (just kidding).
    P.S. still cant digest it!

  4. HI
    Thanks for the info. I am a vivid readewr and the tips on books were usefull. Tips on packing was superb and I practice this (keeping a checklist) for the past thirty years. It s s must for present day yougsters who forget everything and spend moey on the missed items often.
    The note on daily prayer is too good to miss and as Hindu I do seek repentance if I miss my daily oblutions and prayers.
    Thsnks for the Tips Buddy.

  5. Hi Sekar,

    Thanks so much for your comments. Yes, it does hurt when one misses his appointment with the Lord. I believe there’s a saying in Islam that says that to feel regret on doing evil and to experience satisfaction on doing good is a sign that the conscience/Iman (faith) is still alive.


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