What is Vakil Housing doing to preserve the Environment?

The Grand Shalimar Bagh at Vakil Garden CityWe’re not the most environment conscious developer in Bangalore. No, that distinction solely belongs to BCIL, who with the goal of Zero Emission Development are building T-Zed Homes that consume just 60% of energy demand of 100 homes elsewhere. Truly, an outstanding effort. Worthy of recognition and applause. We have a lot to learn and miles to go. We too do care and below is our contribution to minimise nature resources at our projects and offices.
Within our Projects:
We strictly follow the local regulations and ensure that half of our layout is left open for roads, gardens, playgrounds and only the remaining half is used for building homes.

We try our best to minimise the use of grass, instead plant more trees and mini-forests as they consume significantly less water. To bring in variety almost all our projects have mini fruit orchards of either Cheeries, Chickoos, Papayas or Mangoes.

In all our current projects, Rain water harvesting systems have been planned for to ensure that the ground water is sufficiently recharged and dependance on Corporation Water provided by the Government is less.

We’re the very first developers to introduce a Butterfly Park at Vakil Whispering Woods, where we’ve planted special flowers that butterflies are naturally attracted to, in an effort to woo back these winged wonders.
The treated residue water from Sewerage Treatment Plan instead of being disipated away is being redirected to water the open areas of landscaped gardens and mini-forests.

Recently we supported Concern India Foundation in the W2 Challenge campaign to bring greater awareness in the city on how to manage Waste and Water.

Within our offices:
In our corporate office too, we do all we can to eco-friendly. We recycle paper whenever we can, making scribble pads out of usable waste paper. We try being energy efficient by making sure that no computer, if idle, is running for more that 3 minutes. Sometime back we even had a screening of Al-Gore’s Inconvenient Truth too. No effort is too small when it comes to saving the planet. After all, it’s the only one we’ve got.
There’s still a lot to do:
So we keep trying to do as much as we can. We are currently in discussion with Sahaas to help us set up a recycling unit so that 90% of the waste generated by homes shall be recycled and reused. We’re also relooking at the various materials used in the construction of our projects and researching if more eco-friendly alternatives (eg Terrazyme for roads) can be used.

We’re no BCIL, but we’re getting there.

This post is our contribution for Blog Action Day, joining thousands of other bloggers to write about one topic for a single day. This year’s topic is the environment.

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