Make the most of Now

Ever since Vodafone has taken over Hutch for $19.3 Billion (only), they’ve been plastering the country with TV Commercials, Hoardings and even Bumper Stickers.

I for one am going to miss Hutch. Not too much for their service they provided (because I’ve heard it sucked), but for their brilliant advertising. Who can forget their terrific teaser launch. It was the first time I’ve seen Hoardings taken all over the country with a common face and a big bold “Hi”. This was done when Airtel where wooing Shah Rukh Khan and Sachin Tendulkar to pose for their ads. What Hutch saved from royalty fees to these stars, they splurged in volume by covering as many locations as possible. This was followed by the even more successful TV Spot of a cute dog following a boy in all unlikely locations, ending with the tagline “Where ever you go, the Hutch network follows.”

The first prize however goes to the Hutch sponsored sign up at my local mosque that says, “God may speak to you here, but He’s unlikely to use your mobile. Please switch it off before entering the mosque.” Now, that’s class.

Anyway, Hutch ain’t coming back. Till then, enjoy this Vodafone ad and make the most of Now :-)

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