Noida, Gurgaon, Navi Mumbai and now Hosur?

Well, why not? If you really think about our, Hosur has got all that Bangalore has got minus the pollution, traffic jams and the concrete. Further it is about 40% cheaper, though it is within the commuting distance to South Bangalore.

To help you to tweak your thinking we have designed a small survey and wonderful raffle draw prizes for the participants. All entries received by Monday 4th Sep ’06 will be eligible to win a raffle draw prize of a Rs. 1000 Gift Voucher at The Forum Mall in Bangalore!

Do take a little effort to complete the survey. We at Vakil’s have lots of plans for Hosur, but firstly we would like to know what you think of Hosur as a residential desitnation. It will take only a few minitues of your time, but who knows, you may find yourself living in a green, plush paradise at Hosur, at about 60% of your budget, but still commuting daily to Bangalore, a few years from now!

Please click on the below link to take the small survey!


  1. Is that the reason why Vakil Hosur Hills was launched? It would have been good if you could come with sites, instead of villas alone.

    That will make things more attractive for prospective customers like me.

  2. Do u hav any plans to sell plots instead of build up houses? bcoz that will suit the profile of persons like me.
    Plz let me know if u hav any such plans

  3. I would like to know about the construction quality of the houses that Vakil is building

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