How to Read Better and Faster by Norman Lewis

Read “6 Steps to read a 300 page book in 2 hours, and remember what you’ve read

Some books are entertaining, some useful, but once in a while once comes across a book that can be classified as “life changing”. How to Read better and Faster by Norman Lewis is one such book. Don’t be deceived by it’s simplistic title. The book is NOT an English lesson book that teaches one to read, but how one can increase one’s reading speed from 200 wpm (words per minute) to 500 wpm to even 1,000 wpm & 2,000 wpm. When I started the book I would crawl at 200 to 250 wpm, which Norman Lewis says is the average reading rate. And now after just a couple of months, I easily cruise at 450 to 500 wpm. That means it takes me now half the time to finish the morning paper, emails, letters, office documents and also the occassional novel!

In the words of a reviewer of this book at, “The basis behind the author’s theory is that speed reading, high concentration and material retention are all linked. You can’t do one without the other very effectively. So, if you start reading fast, you are forced to concentrate and this increases retention. The high concentration that is induced when you try to read faster results in some interesting physiological changes in the brain where the memory of what you are reading gets etched more permanently than the times when you don’t have high concentration. This is not explained in the book, but I came to that conclusion after I became curious about what makes the book’s techniques so effective and researched deeper into the subject. I don’t want to go too much into the book’s techniques because I think they are more effective if you read them directly from the book for the first time.”

I couldn’t put it better myself :-)

Happy reading :-)

Edit: On popular request, I’ve uploaded here, the image of the Flashmaster card that came with the book.


  1. I have been trying to achieve the reading speed to 1000 wpm, and certainly, i feel that i am improving.Thanks for the technique you discovered .

  2. hi…i just bought this book. but its a very old copy and apparently it originally came with a “flashmaster” card. i dont know what that is and it makes it difficult to proceed. could you describe it to me so i can make one myself? thanx

  3. Hi Edwin,

    Sure thing, give me a day or two and I’ll post the size of the flashmaster card.

    It’s really a wonderful book. I’m considering re-reading a certain areas of the book myself.

  4. Hello! I recently came across this book by Norman Lewis but was missing the “flashmeter card.” Would you mind sending me the dimension and the scanned image also?

    Thank you very much,

  5. Hi Andrew,
    I’ve just added the images as links right at the bottom of the post itself.


  6. I’m sorry. I cannot access the dimensions of the card. Can you please email me these dimensions? Thanks.


  7. Hi,
    Do you have e copy of word power made easy or how to read better and faster.also,I cannot access the dimensions of the card. Can you please email me these dimensions?
    Thanks in advance

  8. Hello Linkinrustle,

    Unfortunately no, don’t have an e-copy of these books. But if you let me know where you’re staying, let me see if I can send you a copy. The dimensions of these cards will be in your email inbox real shortly.


  9. Hi Arif,

    I am trying to get this book at the earliest, have asked one of my friend to get this for me, in the meanwhile can you send me the flashmaster card and how to use this also.


  10. Hello Gaurav,

    The book’s quite easily available in India. It’s certainly quite easy to get in Bangalore. If you’re in US, I’ve heard of an equally good or better book out there. It’s Breakthrough Rapid Reading by Peter Kump.

    The flashmaster card would not come much in use until you have the book. It can be used specifically with the book only. Will email it to you anyway.


  11. Hi Neerav,

    Not sure where an ebook is available. But if you’re based in India, or have friends here, getting a copy is not very difficult.

    Will email you the flashmaster card.


  12. Arif,

    Can you please send me a copy of the flash meter card?

    nimdhar at gmail dot com


  13. Hi Shivam,

    I’ve sent you the mail. Also, I’ve fixed the link so that others can download the flashmaster card directly.

    Happy reading,

  14. How can I obtain the flashmeter card. I have bought the book HOW TO READ BETTER AND FASTER throw, but it doesn´t bring the card. could you email me an image of that to use it during my exercises?

  15. Hi Arif,
    I am also missing the flashmaster card from the book. Can you please e-mail the image.

    Thanks in advance,

  16. Hi Arif,
    I do not have the flashmaster card from the book as I had bougt a second hand copy. Can you please e-mail the image.


    thanks in advance,


  17. Hi Arif,
    I do not have the flashmaster card from the book as I had bougt a second hand copy. Can you please e-mail the image.


    thanks in advance,

    (needed to paste it the second time to enable the notification option, via email. no offence meant.)

  18. Probably, this is the book I was looking for in my unconcious mind.Really, it’s better than I can even dreamed of! Thanks Norman for producing such a nice gift for us. Throughout my life Many books have changed my ideas about things around me and may be this book is one of them.

    Anup Kumar Halder

  19. Hello Anup!

    Glad you’re able to find this book. I know what you mean, once you get the hang of the speed reading, you then begin speed thinking and speed listening too. It’s amazing!

    Wow, pleased to see your from Dhaka Bangladesh. :-) Hope all’s well.


  20. By the way Anup, I heard this really good book review by the celebrated Robert Adams on the Book Brick Lane, which I think you may enjoy. It’s about a Bangladeshi family, a daughter who followed her fate and went to London and other who fought it and remained in Dhaka. You can watch it by clicking here.

  21. Please send How To Read Better and Faster by Norman Lewis eBook
    and flash card master from ebook to

    I am very eager to read this book.

    Thanks in advance,

  22. Hi Arif,

    I couldn’t understand how to use a fixation card..
    I am stuck on Page 57 b’cos of that…..
    Could you please explain me how to use it…
    The instruction given aren’t so clear to me….

  23. – Sameer, you can download the flashmaster card from here

    – Rahul, sorry for the late reply. I need to locate the book and see precisely what’s on page 57 that you’re referring to. Give me a couple of days and I’ll post the clarification here.

  24. Hi Rahul,

    I got the book in front of me now. I feel that there’s a slight misprint. What I did is that I had the “phrase arrow just above the first word inthe starting on page 57” as the book suggests. But instead of having the “Word Arrow squarely meet the arrow on the page”, I think Norman meant the “Fixate here arrow on the card to squarely meet the arrow on the page.”

    If read that way the instructions seem to make perfect sense. The rest of the instructions seem quite straight-forward.

    Hope that helped.

  25. Hi,
    Please send me the ebook of How To Read Better and Faster by Norman Lewis. Thanks

  26. Hello Shyam,

    I don’t have extra copies of the book to send across, however it’s really quite easily available in India in most bookstores.


  27. Hi everybody,

    Due to over-popular request, I’ve replaced the link of the flashcard here and am temporarily closing comments to this post.


  28. Hi,
    I am searching for this book for quite some time,but no luck.I know this blog is quite old now,but if anyone has found this book in Dhaka,i would appreciate if he or she could email me where to find this….or if anyone could send it to me then that would also be good.


  29. I think this book will be very helpful to every students.I came to know that the theme of that book is to read more and more word to read in a minutes.Such as if i read 400(wpm) i will be 2 times ahead then who read 200(wpm).My target is to read 2500 (wpm)

  30. hi i want all the books by norman lewis and also all about words book in pdf format. can u tel me from where can i download these book?

  31. Sorry Yashwanth, don’t know where these can be downloaded. I don’t think they are available in ebook format.

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