Have you seen the Purple Flowered Tree?

April showers have begun, but we haven’t seen the last of this gruelling Bangalore summer yet. But before the monsoon makes it’s way, do make sure you feast your eyes on this beauty:

The Lagestroemia Tharoli (Lagey for short), is a deciduous plant that parades it’s alluring mauvish-purplish hue every Bangalore Summer. Funny I’ve never noticed it before, but this summer I happen to come across Lagey on almost every street!? This picture was taken outside our office in Koramangala but I’ve spotted the purple flowered tree in Indiranagar, on the different Ring Roads, up north, infact all over Bangalore.? And each time I would glancy upon Lagey I silently relish my few minutes of complete awe of the artist in God.

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