If I seem a little absent minded

Recently, if I seem absent-minded & a little more chirpy than before;
Its not by default dear friend, theres a deeper reason for sure!

After twenty long years and then seven more;
Inching only closer to the grim reapers door;

My search seemed to just go on and on;
Oh where does she lie, I sighed from dusk till dawn;

Dear friends it has certainly not been easy;
AfterallI had to look from the highest mountains to the deepest sea;

You silly lad, Why did you have to travel so far, she seemed to say
For all this while, here I was twiddling my thumbs, in the city of Bombay!

And thats exactly where my search finally led me;
We met at a common friends place over biscuits and some tea;

We talked and talked and talked some more;
We talked the same day and the next, of times now and before

With the heart of an angel, soft-spoken and kind;
tehzeeb, akhlaq, all with a beautiful mind!

As we chatted, it was becoming clearer to see;
How much she isjust like like me!

They say that the honeymoon-feeling lasts for six months max a year;
But for me itll be at least a lifetime, or longer, as long as I have with me my-dear!

Dear friends, just tonight for us a special prayer please do pray;
that may our union, be one that brings us even closer to Him, every single day

Warm wishes,

Ps. Enough rhyming alreadytell us whens the big day!
Patience patience, I tell you its not far away;

whenever it is, Man, Im so EXCITED!!!!!!!
regardless to sayeach and every one of you are invited!

stay tuned for the time, date & venue;
also you guys better be there coz it wont be the same without you!

Two hearts beating as one...


  1. Hey! Arif, Congratulations!! you have given us a great news at the beginning of the year. Here’s wishing you good luck and many such joyous moments ahead..

  2. Congrats!!!! thats some great news!! so, details abt the lucky lady?!?!? or do we have to wait for all that?

  3. Hey Buddy,
    This is wonderful news indeed!
    With Arif, I always know that there is
    always something brewing, but this time even I didn’t guess that it would be the stew of stews! Good luck and all the best my friend. With a little head start, all I can say is “Welcome to the Club”!

  4. Congrutalations,
    Wish your new life shall be as poetic ans romantic as described above. Shall be anxiously waiting for the D day….

  5. Dear Arif,

    Congratulations! great news and wishing you a very happy new year.

    love Karun Varma

  6. Aha! Now I know why Bombay seemed to beckon you so strongly!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats on finding your soulmate. May Allah gran you both all happiness always. And when’s the treat?

  7. Congratulations, Arif!!!
    I like your concluding line, “…may our union, be one that brings us even closer to Him, every single day”
    I sure will pray for you both.

  8. Hey Arif!
    You Looked
    Got Totally Hooked
    And now you are Booked
    Soon you’ll be Cooked!
    Best Thoughts

  9. Dear Arif,
    My heartiest congratulations to you.

    You did seem different the last time I met you( you were glowing) — I even asked you whether you have found a girl!–I am glad that you have found someone of your choice.

    Wishing you all the best

  10. Assalamualaikum
    That’s Fantastic,Congratulations- Mubarak to you and your family. Great news, well join the gang now.
    Tell us more, you have left us in suspended animation after having just said only a few words.

  11. Heh Congratulations!Sadly i donot write poems like you but wish u all the best and a very happynew yr

  12. hey, arif! congratulations! what great news…but i guess that means my chances of snagging you are over :P….just kidding, but good luck. i’ll expect my invite in the mail…but it’s a looooong way to india from new york, so don’t hold your breath!! it would be a good reason and opportunity for me to travel there, though…so who knows!

    stay healthy,

  13. Arif

    Many congratulations and very best wishes to you and your intended.

    Kind regards

  14. Hey Arif!!!

    Congratulations sir! And I must say, someone must have fallen for your poetic skills… truely awesome!!

    all the best…


  15. Dear Hihghness,

    I cant express how happy i was for u when i heard the good NEWS. I am truly amazed with your linguistic talents. Rest assured now u have someone to share time with and only now will old friends start complaining that:
    “Arif u aint the same no more”
    “Arif u’ve forgotten us”
    “Arif, we know u are busy but….”
    What will Dear Arif have to say each time.

    Arif may say “Gimee time” but the commoners will ask how long… how long?

    Pls do let me know if i am be of any help to u in the run for wedding.

    Warm Regards from a new friend,

    Mohsin Shirazi

    Ps: u make me wonder what it is like to be in LOVE??

  16. Salaams bro,

    Alhamdolillah, this is great news and we’re really happy for you!! i’m gonna quiz you all about the details later of course. But for the meantime you both have our love and warmest thoughts and wishes.

    i hope this isn’t going to collide with my hong kong and beligium trips…

    wa salaam,

  17. Dear Arif Bhai,

    Sooooooooo happy to hear the great news!
    Our wishes and prayers are always there!
    May Allah bless you with a great wedding and a happy married life thereafter!

    Zubair (ex: Dubai Toasmasters).

  18. Dear Arif Bhai,

    Sorry for this delayed reply. Well what can I say? After all the questions about marriage ( ofcourse me and Venky being at the receving end most of the time )and the feed back, you have finally found your soul mate…May Allah bless you both with a perfect marriage & all the happiness on this earth!!

    Best of Luck!!!


  19. Hi Arif

    That is so good to hear that you are taking a plunge into a new life, a new commitment. May God be with you and give you a wonderful life together.

    Will see you in Bangalore when you come.


  20. Dear Arif

    I was waiting for a long time as to when would this happen. You did talk about it when you visited Dubai but you actually left me confused. There were more questions than answers.

    Mabrook on finally joining the Club.

    Wish you and your loved one all the best in life.

    And finally Eid Mubarak to you and your family



  21. This was a lovely article,
    To read it was a pleasure,
    Im sure your wife of 2 years now,
    Is one of your revered treasures

    Added to that, the excitement
    Of an adorable bundle of joy,
    One who will grow to be so special,
    I can forsee Dad chasing off boys!

    Now that all Congratulations are said,
    I really should end my spiel
    May Allah bless you always
    oh Arif Vakil :)

  22. ha ha ha! Loved that Semeen. :-) Married life has been interesting to say the least. It’s not all heavens, clouds and angels singing. Yet, wouldn’t have it any other way. Really super-duper to connect with you again. Remembering you and your family in our duas.

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