Behold. A terrible campaign that is being aired.

*puke*. My apologies but gosh please excuse me. I haven’t seen worst ads in my life, okay I may have, but these are bad. As an advertising buff, I passively keep an eye open for good, catchy advertising be it in print, tv or web. And OMG, I fail to recall when I have seen horrible ads. A good ad entices you to use the product so much that you are willing to pay for it. An poor ad is one that leaves you ambivalent and you don’t really care much for the product shown. The ads shown below, make me want to run away from the product as far as possible. Infact these ads are so terrible that if I was in a situation that I HAD to use the product, I’d pay money not to use it.

The pity is that Tata Telecom is a good company that provide decent products with decent service. Infact I am currently typing this blog post while using a TATA Docomo 3G dongle and I have been getting decent speeds. However, when it comes to advertising I don’t know why but TATA seems to always miss the mark. I blogged about TATA’s Telecom poor advertising several years ago here as well. Anyway, I am a fan of TATA Products and I hope someone senior enough in their organisation sees this and makes the requisite changes.

Here are those horrible ads. Don’t view them.

And this is suppose to make me subscribe to a Tata Docomo service? Next time I’m getting an operation, besides checking the Doctor’s experience I’m also going to check who is his Telecom Service Providoer.

Yes, I can just see mothers spotting those Tata Stores so that they can take their babies as far away from them as possible.

This is the worst of them all. Profiling domestic workers.

Excellent Talks that I have heard over the internet – October Edition

Leading at Google: Tony Hsieh on Delivering Happiness

Truly MUST-HEAR for every entrepreneur, marketing, customer-care and HR department. Tony Hsieh, retells his heartwarming journey on how he took Zappos, once this unknown company, to become the darling of the American Shoe Shoppers. When Tony joined Zappos, it was a sinking company with sales of a grand total of $0. Over 10 years he turned it around for it to earn $1 Billion in 2008. Subsequently, Zappos was acquired by Amazon for $1.2 Billion. The best part is how he did it. It was not by hammering advertising down customers throats. It was instead by focussing on the Culture of the Company, the Employees and Staying True to it’s mission of providing Outstanding Customer Service.

There were several take backs that I got from this talk some of which I remember are:

- The Vision, Mision, Values (you know the stuff you find in lobbies of Companies) are not as important as the commitment and dedication to living up to them. Don’t spend eons and oodles of money on retreats to come up with grandiouse mission statements. A simple one off the internet would do just fine, as long as you believe in it and are committed and dedicated to live up to it.

- Encourage employees to spend more time on the phone with customers, not less. They don’t have written scripts nor fixed time during which to complete a call. A complete opposite of the Call Centre Culture.

- Long term happiness is obtained by being part of a movement that is larger than yourself. Focus on that first and then top it up with the other forms of happiness such as the Flow experience and Momentary Pleasures.

Top Secret: The Battle for the Pentagon Papers

Wow. What A Brilliant Play. Infact I have a good mind to hear it all over again. The play is on Washinton’s Post decision to publish excerpts of The Pentagon Papers, a top-secret document about the Vietnam war, which “demonstrated, among other things, that the Johnson Administration had systematically lied, not only to the public but also to Congress, about a subject of transcendent national interest and significance”.

The play beautifully brings out issues of how much freedom of press should there be in a democracy and how responsible should they be. Very timely in today’s era.

Twelve Angry Men

Court Room dramas don’t get more exciting than this. I highly recommend clicking the link and hearing the sample audio available. I did. I was hooked and bought this audio drama. Boy, was it well worth it. I later bought the DVD and watched it all over again. A brilliant court-room drama that exercises one critical thinking and questioning skills. How do you look at a situation impartially. Devoid of emotion, prejudices and give your view completely based on facts. You think you can do that? Would you test your theory/view before airing it? Hear this play to know where you stand.

The play is about a boy who is convicted of killing his father based on overwhelming evidence. The jury battle out their views over the course of this play till the reach a conclusion.

Will Miss you Steve.

Screen shot 2011-10-08 at 12.21.12 AM.png

I still remember my awe at my first ipod. It changed my life. I was never one for much music. However, the number of lectures, podcasts, speeches I began to listen to thanks to the ipod, multiplied several times over. I was benefitting so much from it, that eventually each and everyone of my family members (my brother, my mom, dad, wife) began to own one (sometimes two or more). That has been the story with each and every Apple product that I have owned. After I got my Macbook, I began blogging, podcasting more than before. With the ipad I have been reading more than before.They have helped me become more me. The “i” before each Apple product is not misplaced. It does indeed help each reach into or express one’s truly self.

What a briliant individual to design tools that work seemlessly well across ages, generations and cultures. Wait a go Steve. Will miss you dearly.

I have been watching Steve Jobs videos over the past two days. Here are a few of my favourite short ones:

Focussing is about saying NO.
Brilliant Video. Just 3 mins long

If you enjoyed that there’s another 5 minute bit from the same gathering that’s worth watching here.

Steve Jobs Tells us a Secret
That was interesting, never knew that’s the way it happened.

Death is life’s best invention
A one minute excerpt of his famous Stanford Speech

If you have not heard his Speech, drop everything and do it now from here.

The highlight of my day.

I have been in Birmingham UK for the past few weeks. And the highlight of my day has undoubtedly been my early morning runs. The weather here has been so pleasant over the last month. It’s like God, while winking has pointed His finger at us and said, “Yo, just chill”. And that’s precisely how the glorious weather has mostly been. Dazzling Sunshine, Cool Breeze, Clear Blue Sky. It’s Jannat, I tell you.

Here are some pics from my run a couple of days ago.

What an inviting path. I couldn’t wait to run on this road and hear the leaves crunch beneath my feet.


Found this at the edge of the park that I was running in. This has been placed by Birmingham City Council for recycling of clothes


Woooow! I’m walking on Sunshine….


Double Woooow!


Shimmering Waters.


Sun, Greenery and Ducks.


Why did the Squirrel Cross the Road?
To have his photo taken ofcourse!

Enough swimming…let’s go for a walk boys.


Keep it up Moseley!


Excellent Talks I have heard – May Edition

The ipod in my car is continually dishing out some advice or the other. I am really fortunate to come across some soul-lifting, practical, enriching lectures.

Ted Talk by Rick Warren on Purpose Driven Life

This is a lovely little talk by the author of an immensely successful Spiritual Classic. He offers great pointers on determining your self-worth and how to discover your purpose in life. Nothing radically new. Yet great to hear.

Ted Talk by Martin Seligman on Positive Psychology

Another 18 minute gem. What I loved about the talk is how Martin breaks down happiness, into three different types.

1. The immediate happiness we feel on say having chocolate or having a good time with friends.

2. The Flow State of happiness that we experience when we are truly engaged in something. You know, when time stops for us. For me, that happens when I’m blogging or drawing.

3. The Meaningful happiness when we are involved with a purpose that is greater than ourselves.

Hence to live a Full, Happy and Meaningful life is to maximise the opportunities for the three circumstances to take place. Here the talk, there may be other nuggets that you can pick up.

Suze Orman at Google. How to make the most of your money

Here’s a talk by another best selling author. Although lot of the advice is very American specific, yet I walked away with principles and tips that I could implement.

Where Love is God is by Leo Tolstoy

A very touching story by the great Russian author on how a humble cobbler yearns to meet Jesus Christ. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the reading of this story online anymore. But do subscribe to the Classic Tales Podcast by B J Harrison. Ever so often I come across a story that I feel like sharing with all. But unfortunately that story is taken down before I can write about it. If you are subscribed to The Classic Tales Podcast, when I let you know of the story, you can then go back to the archives and hear it.

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