Sufi Comics: Walking on Water

Sufi Comics: Walking on water

Sufi Comics: Walking on water

Hassan Al-Basri & Rabia Basri are two well known personalities who lived in Iraq during the 7th Century. I came across this beautiful story that I thought would make a wonderful comic.

4 Responses to “Sufi Comics: Walking on Water”

  1. Gauresh Mehra says:

    Amazing story of humility !!

  2. salaams, Bawa Muhaiyaddeen told us many many stories which we have published; would be glad to send you some books filled with these and discourses of wisdom.
    If you like…
    i like your sweetness of intention

  3. Ali Reda says:

    Salaam Alaikhom
    i love this site
    may Allah bless you both brothers :)

  4. Masroor says:

    Asak, brilliant.

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