Sufi Comics: The secret recipe for curing all sins

Secret Recipe for curing all sins

Secret Recipe for curing all sins

This comic is adapted from The Garden of Self healing translated by Sheikh Fadhlalla Haeri. The eloquence is amazing, which gave inspiration to express the incident in Comic form.

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Secret Recipe for curing all sins

7 Responses to “Sufi Comics: The secret recipe for curing all sins”

  1. Murtaza K says:

    I am big fan of your blog….you guys write really gr8 thought-provoking articles….and the new design is AWESOME….the comics are also really cool and thought provoking..!!
    keep rocking guys…!!

  2. Mohammed Ali says:

    Dear Murtaza, thanks for your kind and encouraging feedback :-)
    We’re glad you liked the redesign.

  3. Irving says:

    Most excellent :) I will try and post one to the Darvish blog, inshallah.

    Ya Haqq!

  4. Semeen says:

    Salaams Ali and Arif,

    This is another one that I got from today’s latest comic (good move putting up “similar stories” link!)

    Pls could you send me a larger version?

    Jazak Allah!

  5. Mohammed Ali says:

    Just sent to you a larger version.

  6. hadi says:

    hi can I share this at my facebook?

  7. Mohammed Ali says:

    Salaams Hadi,
    Yes of course :)

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